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JUNE 21st -23rd, 2024

$1300 fee – 6 Game Guarantee

PDF of Rules listed

Check-In Information:

All Teams must check-in one hour prior to their first game. All teams MUST check-in at one of the
field locations. The team representative must be prepared to submit the following information:

● A copy of the team insurance that we MUST keep.
● A count of players listed by year of graduation. For example, you have 2 – 2018, 4 – 2019,
3 – 2020, and 3 committed..etc. This is to distinguish player wristbands, and ALL players must
wear a wristband. We just need the count for each year.

Refund Policy:

● Heavy rains for several days, before tournament, that causes the entire tournament to be
cancelled will result in a partial refund. Usually ½ entry.
● Rain during the tournament. Once any games have begun, every attempt will be made to
● Teams that pull out of the tournament after being accepted will not be given a refund.

Tournament Rules:

1. College Coach Only Areas:
No players, team coaches, nor parents/spectators will be allowed in areas designated “College Coaches Only.” Scouting areas will be behind each field’s backstop. Please do not take the seats.

2. Parking Areas:
Parking areas will be designated for “Tournament Staff Only” & “College Coaches Only.” Please do not park in these areas.

3. Hotel Policy:
* Minimum number of rooms required to book per team is 8.
* Teams from 50 miles away or more are subject to the Hotel Policy.

4. Tournament Play and the Clock
A. Expect to play on Thursday night. New teams are expected to play on Thursday night. All teams will
need to be ready to play early Friday morning.
All games are drop dead 1 hour 20 minutes. If inning is not completed, the score will revert back
to last completed inning.
B. Tournament Format:
The teams will be divided into brackets of equal strength. All teams will play a minimum of 6 round robin games. Some teams may play an extra game against an opponent from another bracket.
C. Showcase format is 6 round robin exhibition games.

5. Playing Rules:
Teams may use unlimited defensive substitutions during this tournament and may bat up to 12 players. Any batting order changes must be reported to the umpire. Defensive players may be changed at any time and umpires do NOT need to know those changes, or the re-entries unless they are re-entering the batting order.

A courtesy runner may be used for the pitcher and catcher.

Each pitcher gets 5 warm-up pitches for first inning and 3 after that. Exception – relief pitcher.

6. Pre-Game Meeting – Will be Held at Home Plate
Home and away teams will be determined by a coin flip at the start of each game. Line-up cards will be exchanged at that time.

7. Mercy Rule:
The 8 runs after 5 innings “mercy” rule will be in effect for ALL games.

8. International Tiebreaker:
This rules applies for all tournament play. If the game is tied at the end of 7 innings, the International Tiebreaker will be used IF sufficient time is still remaining. This entails placing the player who was last out in the previous inning on 2nd base to start the tiebreak inning with no outs. This continues until the time expires. Should the game still be tied when the time expires at the end of the tiebreak innings, the tie will stand. If the time expires during the tiebreak inning, the drop dead rule is in effect, the game is over immediately, and the score reverts back to the last inning completed, unless the home team is at bat and ahead in score. Umpires will not all obvious time delay tactics. Again, the college coaches are there to watch the players, not the coaches maneuvering.

9. Game Times:
A. Official game will end at 7 innings or 1 hour 20 minutes (drop-dead).
B. Drop Dead Rule: If the time expires before the inning is completed, the game is immediately over – Drop Dead. The score will revert to the last inning completed, unless the home team is up to bat and ahead in score.

10. Uniforms:
All uniform shirts must have a number on them and no duplicate numbers are allowed. All shirts must be tucked in.

11. Protests:
This tournament is a non-protestable tournament. Please don’t argue with the umpires. The
Home plate umpire will settle rule disagreements at the time. College coaches do not want to spend time watching arguments. They are there for a reason, so please remember the spirit of the tournament. Teams that refuse to play when the umpire says “Play Ball” could be penalized with the forfeit of all remaining games, upon review of the tournament director.

12. Park Rules:
NO glass container or alcoholic beverages are allowed in the park. No smoking will be allowed near the fields, dugouts or benches.

13. Dugout Etiquette:
Please help to keep the dugouts clean for the next team by picking up your trash after your game and putting it in the receptacle provided by the dugout.

*NO bat bags are to be placed in the dugout. Please place all batbags to the side or directly behind the dugout. This helps with the transition between games by making it quicker and getting the next game started sooner.

14. Forfeits: Forfeits should be avoided at all costs.
A. Forfeits are at the discretion of the Tournament Director or staff. Should you be short a player (due to injury or unforeseen circumstances) and need one to keep you from forfeiting, please contact the snack bar or Tournament Director immediately. To avoid forfeiting a game, a temporary replacement player may be available, but some notice is needed. Forfeiting a game does not benefit either team, as the objective of the tournament is for the players to be seen by college coaches.
B. Teams that forfeit a game for any reason take the chance of not being accepted into the tournament again. If you are unable to play a game, please advise the tournament officials immediately. It is also recommended that you attempt to find a replacement team for your game. It is ultimately your responsibility to make sure that your opponent is not shorted a game and their opportunity for their players to be seen by the college coaches.

15. Order of Finish:
1. Win/loss records
2. Run-differentiated
3. Head to Head will be used to determine first place finishers in each bracket.
All scores must be reported to the snack bars. Should the scores not be reported, the winners of each bracket will be determined by whatever information is available to the Tournament Director.

16. Weather Contingencies:
In the case of uncontrollable weather circumstances or interruptions, the Tournament Director reserves the right to alter the tournament format in any way necessary to reach a conclusion. This can include, but not limited to, shorten game times, fewer guaranteed games, or playing rule changes. Interrupted games might not be resumed. Everything possible will be done to get the players on the field as soon as possible.

17. Manager’s Responsibility:
It is the responsibility of each team’s managers and coaches to know their times, field assignments, etc. for all games. Teams that no-show a game risk being replaced in their other games, and also take the chance of not being invited to future tournaments. The Official Tournament Game Schedule will be posted and maintained near the snack bars. Please check the game schedule occasionally to verify your times.

18. Injuries:
Each team should bring their own first aid supplies. In the event of a serious injury or medical emergency, play would stop immediately. Emergency Medical Services will be called upon if necessary.

19. Unsportsmanlike Conduct:
Managers and coaches are responsible for their own conduct and for that of their players, assistants and spectators. There is zero tolerance for any abusive language and/or unsportsmanlike conduct. Noisemakers of any kind are not allowed.

20. Warm-Up Areas:
Pre-Game warm-up is to be conducted only on the sidelines and outfield, if the preceding game has been completed.

21. PARENTS are NOT allowed to talk with college coaches during the tournament. See NCAA Rule Practice or Competition Site.